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Clothing for cats


Clothing for cats


Clothing for kittens


Clothing for small dogs


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Our friends


1. Advertising agency "Aquarium"  www.ra-akvarium.ru

The development of integrated marketing campaigns. Outdoor advertising, transport, interior advertising, manufacturing pillars, video, advertising on the Internet. Promotions, distribution, advertising, model-stendistki for exhibitions, conducting tastings and presentations. Web sites. Advertising on billboards, banners, city-formats on / in doorways, near / in elevators and in subways in the Queen Mytishchi Shchelkovo and other cities, MO.


2. Design Studio "Profidesigns" www.profidesigns.ru

Website development, promotion, and optimization and support site. Development of packaging and branding. Printing and outdoor advertising. Create a video. Low prices, the optimum time. Quality!


3. Kennel "GRAND Oreille" www.sphynx-center.com

 Leading rock-forming nursery.




Clothing store for cats and dogs "CooLSphynx"



Advertising agency - Aquarium
web sites, advertising on the internet, outdoor advertising,

promotions, video, printing